Safety | 10 Years of Experience with Hardest Trails in the World

10 Years of Experience with Hardest Trails in the World



Safety First!

No mather where we run, our first concern is your safety:

  • we choose only politicaly stable countries,
  • the trail is well examined and well marked,
  • if the trail is not safe due to unexpected events (e.g. weather conditions) the stage is canceled,
  • there are several fixed checkpoints on the trail where RSO team members will offer you water, snacks and medical first aid,
  • there is always medical staff on the team,
  • if possible there is one mobile unit between the checkpoints,
  • one mobile unit always closes the trail never surpassing the last runner,
  • RSO team members are experienced and well prepared for any situation,
  • before every stage we will brief you on the characteristics of the stage,
  • we provide you with a roadbook.

We demand you act responsibly:

  • we demand doctor’s certificate of your phisical fitness for the challenge,
  • we will not allow you to run without mandatory equiptment,
  • we will not allow you to run the desert barefoot unless you are used to it,
  • we demand you respect the locals as well as the local flora and fauna,
  • we recommend you come well prepared according to your specific needs and that you test your equiptment before you come (shoes, camelbacks, clothes … ).

Mandatory Equipment on Every Raid

  • a survival blanket,
  • a mirror for signalisation,
  • a whistle,
  • a head lamp and spare batteries
  • a lighter
  • a small first aid kit
  • a roller of elasto,
  • a compass,
  • a pocket knife,
  • 2 Cyalum,
  • 2 paper handkerchiefs,
  • system of hydration: tins or camelback of min. 3 litres.

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