About Us | 10 Years of Experience with Hardest Trails in the World

10 Years of Experience with Hardest Trails in the World

About Us

About Us

It all began 10 years ago in the heart of the Sahara desert – the idea of sports in it’s finest with a taste of adventure combined with the social sense of responsibility for the local communities and nature. Today Raid Sahara Organisation is one of the best and most experienced teams in the world organizing extreme runs. With us you can run the big 5C – challenge yourself on 5 continents! Experience the adventure of running the desert, running the rain forrest or the savanah. Meet the local folk, carribous, hornbills or camels. Indulge the pristine sound of silence in the dunes, adjust your pace to the beat of jungle crickets or push yourself to the limit while climbing the rocky mountains through mezzopotamian shrines.

We will take you places few have been while providing the necessary for you to enjoy what you love most – running!

Transomania-2014-36But it is up to you to come prepared for 5 to 6 stages in extreme conditions. The stages vary in lenght but are never shorter than 30 km. We provide water, food and medication but we can’t make the rain not to fall or make the heat of 43 degrees to take it easy. And we don’t even want to – our philosophy is to leave the nature that shelters us untouched. So, we expect nothing less from our runners.

There is one more thing we wish to warn you about: Our raids are highly addictive and not only will you want to do more and faster running but you will want to reunite with the soulmates that enspired you along the way and share some more unique experiences with them.

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